By Jack McKenzie | Fri 01 Dec 2017 07:49:46 PM CST


We have just launched our new product that automates FIO Bank payment processing and payments.

Use cases

  • Integrate FIO bank with your accounting system
  • Automate incoming payment processing
  • Automate outgoing payments (Czech domestic payments, SEPA, IBAN)
  • Build banking applications such as exchanges
  • And more

Secure by design

Outgoing payments are secured using 2 factor authorization. Every outgoing payment will get logged in your online banking and require an approval from you. During the approval, you will receive a text message on your mobile phone number associated with your FIO account, and without a valid authorization code the payment will not be approved. Hence, you have a full control over the API.

Easy to use

The API implementation from us is fully object-oriented and comes with entities that hold results. It is easy to access their properties and does not require any XML parsing. We have done the job fully. In addition, we include several quickstart examples that can be plugged into your existing systems. Right from the beginning, you get every supported bank operation as an example available in the purchased package.

In under 5 minutes you will edit and run it, whether you want to pay someone or process latest transactions on your account. Unlike PHP, Java is the enterprise standard and scales very well.

There is only one setting required. That is your access token. You will get it after signing into FIO and generating it from online banking. Then you can start processing new payments and create outgoing payments using our FIO Bank API implementation in Java.

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